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What is the Mallorca Golfcard?

We explain the Mallorca Golfcard for you

The Mallorca Golfcard is a discount card for playing golf on Mallorca. For only € 119,- incl. VAT you get 32 vouchers for playing golf at 19 golf courses and save money. Furthermore you receive 10% discount on the normal greenfee at the Mallorca Goflcard partnerclubs. Additionally you get voucher for renting golf clubs and further advantages at Mallorca Golfcard partners.

With the purchase of the Mallorca Golfcard you receive: Your individual Mallorca Golfcard package, from which you remove your card and in which you can find your voucher book accordingly. Your individual card number can be found on the back of the card, it is identical to the number on your voucher book and on the respective 2FOR1 greenfee voucher of each golfclub. Only with your signature on the back of your card, the Mallorca Golfcard becomes valid. In order to make use of your greenfee voucher, you always have to show the voucher together with your card, while the respective golfclub keeps the voucher.

Important Information:

The vouchers in this voucher booklet only become valid after contacting the service providers by phone and obtaining their confirmation as described on the respective voucher. Unless you make a reservation by phone and obtain confirmation from the golf course, the operator will not be obliged to redeem your voucher. The General Terms and Conditions of the respective Mallorca Golfcard partner apply in all cases.

Please take note of the tee time restrictions! You can avoid unpleasant disputes if you reserve your tee time in advance in compliance (!) with the terms of your Mallorca Golfcard voucher. Your hosts at the golf course look forward to welcoming you!

1 card = 4 different advantages!

Mallorca Golfcard 2FOR1 Classic
Valid from Jan - Feb; 15. May - 15. Sept; Nov - Dec. Two people play together, but only 1 greenfee need to be paid.

Mallorca Golfcard 2FOR1 All Year
On this golf courses yu can play 2FOR1 all year.

Mallorca Golfcard PLUS
This section of the Mallorca Golfcard contains vouchers for incredibly cheap packages at 11 golf courses. These packages each consist of 2 greenfees, 1 buggy and 2 restaurant services. This section also contains three vouchers for rental clubs, allowing you to hire golf clubs when you present your 2FOR1 voucher. The golf courses participating in this offer are Son Antem and Son Vida. You can collect your rented clubs here and use them on other golf courses.

Mallorca Golfcard 10% All Year
Every time (!) you show your Mallorca Golfcard at the golf course reception (please reserve in advance), you will receive a 10% discount off the normal green fee - at Golf Park Puntiro even 15% discount. This offer is available all year round for as many times as you want to play at that golf course.

Golf from Hcp. 54
You can play on nine of our partner golf courses with a handicap of just 54; in other words, even beginners can enjoy a wonderful week of golf on Mallorca. A useful tip: call one of the golf courses that don't allow golfers with a handicap of 54. You may get a late or last tee time if the course is not full. However, the golf courses are not obliged to do this!

Your advantage - read the Mallorca Magazine free of charge for 3 months
Published weekly, the Mallorca Magazine is your source of information for everything relating to your favorite island! Not subscribed yet? This voucher book contains subscription information that will bring the Mallorca Magazine to your home free of charge for the first three months.

Register now!
We strongly recommend you to register on Before your Mallorca Golfcard becomes invalid we will contact new partner for you. If you do not register on our website, we will not be able to inform you about new ways of saving and you may not get the chance to take profit of it.

Transferability, presentation of voucherbook and card
The Mallorca Golfcard is not-transferable. In case that you show your voucher, the Golfcard partner has the right to ask you for your ID. You always have to show your Mallorca Golfcard and the ­voucher when using it; both have the same serial number. When you make use of a Golf-Voucher, please note that the second person always has to play with you therefore it is called 2FOR1 voucher

New im 2018
To the anniversary of the Mallorca Golfcard you can also play on Son Gual 2FOR1. (Only valid at: 24.01.2018 / 11.04.2018 / 22.08.2018 / 21.11.2018).